Last Night’s Show: America at Rams Head Onstage in Annapolis

Since 1970, America has been taking their music on the road for over 100 shows a year (do the math, that’s 43 years).  Last night’s show at the quaint Rams Head Onstage venue was the latest stop. Gerry and Dewey exchanged some of their most intimate stories including the night before where they spent an evening watching David Mason perform on the same stage. They joked that they even had music from this century. Indeed they do! America released a collection of interpretations of songs by other songwriters, which they jokingly said; “We wish we had written them!” From their album “Back Pages” Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock” was an amazing arrangement.  “We are stardust. We are golden.”

The highlight of the night was their song Sandman. The song was a vivid reminder of the turbulent Vietnam era, something everyone in the room had in common. The media show, powerful guitar licks, and the carefully stressed metaphors remind us that this band not only created some of the most memorable love songs of the 70’s but also were part of the Woodstock generation. Thanks to America, we had time to drink a beer and reflect on where we came from, but more importantly, where we are going.  As I left the evening with America, I asked myself “Why is Sandman not on my iPod!”

Joel & Nettie Kinison – Seanettles Photography, Rock Legends Photography

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  1. April 20th, 2013
    Dana Delikat says:

    Great writeup! I thought the same thing about how they joked around. I didn’t know they were funny! Brought back memories, and yes, Sandman touched me to the soul as it reminded me of that era and the turbulence of Vietnam. The images on the screen behind us of psychodelic art, marches with Martin Luther King, the ugliness of war, and the flower children of woodstock spreading peace and love just amazed me how it made me remember…..and warmed my soul full of memories. Or was that the vodka? Haha….either way it was awesome!