“What’s streaming through our ‘Ram-Phones’ this week ??” Here are some of our staff’s most loved and listened to !


Royal Bundy (Tavern Marketing)
“Would That Not Be Nice” – Divine Fits
“Sweet Honey” – Slightly Stoopid
“Ashes” — Pepper

Kris Stevens (Talent Buyer)
“The Goodbye Look” – Donald Fagen
“It Keeps You Runnin” – Doobie Brothers

Travis Young (Designer)
“Lemonade” — CocoRosie
“Lemonade” — Gucci Mane

Laura Price (On Stage Marketing)
“Aganju” – Bebel Gilberto
“Let Me Hold You” — Josh Krajcik

Brandon Linton (Live & Pier 6 Marketing)
“The Mighty Fall” Fall Out Boy
“Jah No Partial” – Major Lazer
“Stars (Hold On) ” – Youngblood Hawke

Mark Mangold (Talent Buyer)
“The Questions” – Common
“Double Trouble” – The Roots

Erin McNaboe (VP)
“Still Into You” – Paramore
“Stubborn Love” – Lumineers
“Red Hands” – Walk Off the Earth

D.J. Clautice (General Manager Rams Head Roadhouse)
“Abort, Retry,Fail” — Anakin (Great band out of Kansas City)
“If it’s here when we get back it’s ours” – Texas is the Reason
“Whiskey Bottle” – Uncle Tupelo (damn you Jeff Tweedy, Damn you for trying to be Radiohead.:P)

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