The Monday Hangover

If Debbie Downer had a birthday, today would be it. You were probably hungover all week last week thanks to St. Patrick’s Day. Or maybe like me, you got the glorious stomach flu. How about the snowy slush coming down outside? That’s fun.

Especially when Easter is this Sunday:

(Check out what Rams Head has planned for Easter Sunday Brunch… yes, $10 Bottomless Bloody Marys are involved)

Either way you’re probably better off than this guy:

Here’s the back story: This kid goes out with his friends, has a little bit too much to drink, and passes out. Enter Tom Hanks. His friends take a bunch of photos with his phone while he’s passed out. Can you imagine waking up to that? Missing the opportunity to meet Forest Gump himself?! John Corbett (of Northern Exposure and Sex and The City fame) played with his band last Friday night at Rams Head On Stage, later jammed out with the Jarflys down the street, then came back to see Shovels and Rope play Saturday. With the amount of famous faces that pass through our doors, especially after playing shows, you don’t want to pass out at Rams Head!

We must have predicted the weather last Friday because our staff picks are pretty low key and great for a rainsnowslush day:

Beer of the Week:

On a cold, snowy, spring day, it’s safe to say we wish we were on a far away island. Kalik (pronounced kah-lick) is brewed in the Bahamas and got its name from the sound the cowbells make that are used in the Junkanoo, a street parade that happens in many towns in the Bahamas with crazy costumes and music. It’s 5% abv, so you’ll be feeling like you’re on a warm beach in no time.  It has a crisp taste, like that of most Bahamian beers, and one of my favorites as it always reminds me of trips taken to the Bahamas. Lucky for you, Kalik is available at all Rams Heads.

Now go use that snow for some good, I heard it can cool down a six pack pretty quick AND save some room in the fridge.

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