My/Our Top Music Videos of All Time (or maybe just for today…)

Happy Friday, everyone. I’ve compiled a list of top music videos from several different sources (our office, a few friends, the world, to name a few). Some of the videos will take you back in time, some may surprise and/or irritate you.  Please comment and share your thoughts on these picks. So sit back and enjoy!

1) Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” needed to be at the top

2) with Madonna’s controversial-for-that-time’s  “Like A Prayer” following

3) Remember this one by A-Ha?

4) And this one by Talking Heads. So good!!

5) Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields”

6) Jump ahead in time to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”

7) and “California Love” by Tupac w. Dr. Dre

8 ) I must include one of my new favorite bands, Family of the Year. And, oh yeah, they’re playing HERE at the Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis on April 1st w/ The Mowgli’s!

These next three are all 80’s throwbacks, which is always fun:

9) Tom Petty

10) Peter Gabriel

11) Beastie Boys

12) Always enjoyed this one by Jamiroquai

13) And if you’ve just gone through a breakup, then go ahead and skip this one by Sinead O’Connor

14) Classic Nirvana

15) “Everlong” by Foo Fighters

16) And while this wouldn’t be considered a “music video” by most, maybe there are some goat farmers out there that find this just as satisfying.

Have a great weekend!



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