The Monday Hangover

Daylight savings happened. You spent all day yesterday soaking up the good weather day drinking (we all did that right?). You passed out. Your alarm went off this morning. Now its Monday, and it sucks.

You may have said a few obscenities under your breath like I did this morning, when you had to follow a man on his bike because he conveniently decided to ride in the middle of the lane, making it impossible for to you drive around him, while he so carefully made sure to keep his hands in his handlebar hand warmers (apparently they make those).

Here’s a little something to laugh your hangover away:

Hopefully you weren’t one of those people at Rams Head this past weekend, and if you were, we forgive you. Plus it never hurts to say, “whatever’s good” but beware, everything is good, so you might end up with something you didn’t bargain for like a jager bomb or ‘shot shots shots’.  And no, the olives aren’t free. But our happy hour food is, seriously.

If you need some music to get you through the day, Kris put together some staff picks last Friday:

And for your ridiculous story that actually happened in real life this past weekend: Meet Jerry (names have been changed to protect the innoc-errr guilty?). He was enjoying a birthday shot at Rams Head when his picture was snapped and posted to Rams Head’s Facebook. Fast-forward lets say 10 hours, when I stumble upon some colorful comments on this photo. Apparently Jerry was taking shots with someone other than his wife, AND someone other than his mistress (I’m thinking he has a few). Needless to say, Jerry’s wifes’ friends didn’t find the photo too funny and well, you can use your imagination. We’re not quite sure what happened to Jerry, but we do know the picture is no longer viewable.

Beer of the week:

Fordham Lager is one of my favorite beers, mostly because it tastes good and you can drink a lot of them (that sounded bad didn’t it?). Its a great go-to beer, especially when you’re indecisive. Although Fordham suggests to drink it with salad, pork, and fish, I think it goes with just about anything.

What’s your go-to beer? Leave me a note in the comments below.

Check back next week, when its Monday and you’re hungover again.

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