Fresh Tunes: How To Destroy Angels, Emile Sande, Luke Bryan, They Might Be Giants and more!


Ram Fans,

I’m happy to present “Fresh Tunes.” Each week, I’ll post about notable new releases available for your listening pleasure. I hope you enjoy checking out all of the new releases each week as much as I do.  I’ll also include a playlist of tracks featured in each post.


How To Destroy Angels – “Welcome Oblivion”
Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor has finally unveiled the first full-length release from his collaboration with wife Mariqueen Maandig and Atticus Ross (with whom Reznor teamed for the Oscar-winning Social Network Motion Picture Score.) Reviews thus far have been a bit mixed, but generally positive.

Alternative Press says “Confident, unselfconsciously weird and always engaging, Welcome Oblivion is a strange world that will draw you back again and again.”

The A.V. Club says “Reznor still manages to extract melody and an occasional hook from all the noise—a trait that goes all the way back to Nine Inch Nails’ first album. The stripped-down and bubbling “Ice Age” is welcoming in ways that NIN never was, and the slow-build intensity of the semi-instrumental “The Loop Closes” sounds like it was scooped up from The Downward Spiral’s editing-room floor. ”

Josh Ritter – “The Beast In Its Tracks”

A divorce and a new romance sparked the emotional rollercoaster that is Idaho-born singer-songwriter Josh Ritter’s newest album. Ritter tells CBS News: “In my career, I’ve always tried to stay away from autobiographical songs. I also find that there’s a good deal of what I do during the day is just normal stuff that everybody does and it’s not all that interesting. If you write an autobiographical song about a day it’s mostly hanging down and looking at the yard to see someone else’s dog running around,” said Ritter, who now calls Brooklyn, N.Y., home. “There’s more interesting things in the world to imagine and to think about. But when my marriage fell apart I felt like it had come to a real abyss. I was chugging along happily in my life and I came to this huge chasm unexpectedly…and that’s what I had to write about it. There was nothing else.”

Luke Bryan – “Spring Break Here to Party”

It’s fair to say from the title that this ain’t your daddy’s country music. Bryan has released an E.P. of Spring Break party anthems for the past few years. This year, just in time for Spring Break 2013, he’s compiled those songs with a few extras into an entire album. Song titles include “Suntan City,” “Take My Drunk Ass Home,” “Wild Weekend,” get the picture. That old joke about playing a country song backwards does not apply here. In this case, it sounds like you’d just be partying even harder. Bryan talks to Entertainment Weekly about the origin of his yearly Spring Break tunes and accompanying parties in Panama City, Fla.

They Might Be Giants – “Nanobots” (By the way, the guys return to Rams Head Live on April 6!)

30 and 16. Those are two pretty impressive numbers for They Might Be Giants. 30 is the number of years the guys have been perfecting their catchy, quirky nerd-rock. The number 16 signifies that Nanobots is the bands 16th full length album. That’s output as efficient as any band with as many years, without sacrificing quality, if the reviews are any indication.

Paste  says “On Nanobots we have a whopping 25 songs, but as any TMBG listener knows, the band has always been able to craft quality songs in three minutes or less. Nanobots sees them doing it in as little as six seconds—something we haven’t seen (or heard) since their fourth album, Apollo 18’s “Fingertips” suite. Since a nanobot is defined as “a hypothetical, very small, self-propelled machine, especially one that has some degree of autonomy and can reproduce,” the mostly fast, upbeat pace of this album makes a bit more sense. These short songs maintain momentum with little time between each song, forming a cohesion. The genius of They Might Be Giants lies within their ability to place brilliant metaphors and colorful lyrics into songs that at times may appear nonsensical, and many times, just as well may be.”

Other notable album releases:
The Cave Singers “
Kate Nash
Youth Lagoon


Can’t miss of the week:
Emeli Sande “Next to Me (Kendrick Lamar Remix)”
The addition of Kendrick Lamar propels this already pretty hot single into superstar territory. I expect to hear A LOT about Emeli in 2013.

Serena Ryder “Stompa”
It’s all about the ladies this week in the singles section. Download this song RIGHT NOW.

Also released:
David Bowie “The Stars Are Out Tonight”
This album is going to be huge.

3Oh!3 – “Back to Life”
The electro pop duo famous for telling us to “do the Helen Keller, and talk with your hips” tries to get us to take them just a little more seriously with a stab at an anthemic, pop song with a One Republic meets Tinie Tempah vibe.

Demi Lovato – “Heart Attack”
This will surely be just as big as the sugary pop “Give Your Heart A Break.” If you liked that, you’ll love this.

Nelly – “Hey Porsche”
He’s back! This is as good or bad as you thought it was prior to listening.

Rob Zombie – “Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown”
See above. White Zombie was awesome though.

TGT – “Sex Never Felt Better”
Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank team up for the new R&B powerhouse super group TGT.

King feat. Trombone Shorty “Need a Woman by Friday”
King is the solo project of The Fray guitarist Joe King.

Other notable singles released this week:
Rick Ross “Box Chevy”
Mariah Carey “Almost Home”
Quadron “Hey Love”
The-Dream feat. Fabolous “Slow It Down”
Rich Gang feat. Stevie J, Future, Tyga, Meek Mill, Mystikal “Fly Rich”
Ravaughn feat. Wale “Better Be Good”


This weeks Fresh Tunes:

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