An Almost Q&A with “Elton John”

Transport yourself . . .

Almost Elton John is a tribute that celebrates decades of chart topping songs.

Do you remember when Elton John was the Rocket Man of the music charts? During his busy entertainment career, Craig Meyer, a.k.a. Almost Elton John, was repeatedly approached about his striking resemblance to Elton John and his uncanny ability to sound like the rock and roll legend. Meyer was eventually persuaded to expand his repertoire and began impersonating Sir Elton John.

Today, he is considered to be the best Elton John tribute artist in the market today whose strong vocals, striking resemblance and amazing talent on the piano has audiences everywhere remembering when rock was young.

Almost Elton John and The Rocket Band will be playing a show at Rams Head On Stage on Thursday, January 10th at 8pm. If you’re an Elton John fan I highly recommend this show!

I was able to chat with Craig about what it’s like being Almost Elton:

How long have you been “Almost Elton John”?

We just started our fifth year doing Almost Elton John

Have you met the real Sir Elton John?

Not yet, but I was one of the first people to sing “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” for Elton and Tim Rice when they were working on The Lion King.

How many costume changes do you do per show?

Usually four.

How long have you been playing the piano?

Since I was a wee-boy! I taught myself how to play on the very same piano that my dad learned to play on.

What’s your favorite Elton John song to perform?

I love them all and it really depends on the evening. I try to approach each song and each concert as a new experience for me! A lot of it has to do with how the audience is fueling us with their energy.

You must get many requests after your shows for fan-photos.  Do you have fun with that?

Yes, I do. But some of the guests get a little carried away! It’s all in good fun, but some of the ladies like to see if my bum is all me or just padding! It’s all me! A few have even broken fingernails trying to test it out! YIKE!

How many shows do you play per year?

On average about 60-75

Do you get a lot of audience requests?

Yes, and we try to accommodate as many as we can, but we don’t always succeed!

What’s your favorite memory from a past show?

We had a little girl about 3 years old at a show in December. She came to the post show meet and greet to see my sparkly shoes…she had some too, and we compared. It was a great moment.

We also had a recent show in my home town of Atlanta! Having so many friends and family in the audience was a great treat! I’ll actually have a contingent of friends who live in the DC area at the show this week! It’s always fun jamming with friends in the house!

Thank you, Almost Elton!  Rams Head On Stage can’t wait to have you back this Thursday, January 10th!

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