Celebrate the Holidays with Rams Head On Stage

Busy?  Is your To-Do List getting to you? It’s time to SLOW DOWN and come enjoy some live music.  And lucky you, there are several to choose from over the next week.

For starters, on Friday, December 21st we have Christine Lavin and Uncle Bonsai playing.

If you’ve never seen Christine Lavin perform live, she really puts on a great show.  The first time I saw her perform, her offbeat humor and the obscurity of her song topics had me cracking up the whole time.  She has pre-show knitting circles, and her fan meet-and-greets involve her painting fans’ fingernails with her portable manicure kit.

For four years she hosted an XM satellite radio show titled “Slipped Disks”, playing CDs slipped to her backstage by compatriots. She has also produced nine compilation CDs showcasing the work of dozens of songwriters whose work she loves — one of them, the food-themed One Meat Ball, includes a 96-page cookbook that she edited.

This season she has released a holiday compilation of new Christmas/Hanukah/Solstice/New Year’s songs by 22 of America’s best contemporary singer/songwriters (one of them, Uncle Bonsai) titled Just One Angel:

The pairing with Uncle Bonsai will really make for a fun night.  The Uncle Bonsai Trio performs original, contemporary folk/pop music. With their soaring and intricate 3-part vocal harmonies and biting humor, accompanied by only an acoustic guitar, Arni Adler, Patrice O’Neill, and Andrew Ratshin deliver poignantly unflinching portrayals of life, love, and a guy named Doug.

Another good, holiday-themed show to see on Sunday night is Burlesque-A-Pades, featuring the the World Famous Pontani Sisters entertaining us with their “Holiday Inn” performance.


This highly entertaining stage show celebrates the golden age of burlesque entertainment! All tied up in a big red bow, the sisters will have you on the edge of your seats with a classy strip tease, a chorus line of cuties, hilarious comic drama and other “cheeky”entertainment (no pun intended).

If you’re just too busy and can’t seem to get out until after the holidays, we’ve got Stephen Kellogg back in the room on Wednesday, December 26th with Native Run, O’Malley’s March for two shows (count ‘em, TWO) on the 27th, Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes on the 28th, finishing up the week on the 29th with East Bay Soul (w/ Greg Adams, a founding member of Tower of Power!).  Hope to see you soon!



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