Calling young music lovers & rock stars !

This blog is for all you young musicians (and their families and friends !!) Most of you know how you feel about all the obvious big name artists out there… Justin Beiber, T-Swift, Ed Sheeran, Carly Rae Jepsen….love ‘em or hate ‘em… whichever way you feel, you are surrounded by them, they’re on your tv, your ipod, your laptop, & your radio.
But, how about broadening your horizons ? How about checking out some amazing guitarists, singers, dancers, all up-close and really personal ?? There is nothing like a real live show that can inspire your inner musician… and in a room as intimate as ours the experience is epic !

Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis has a great menu of choices to widen your world ! All ages shows in the coming months include:
The Last Bison & The Black Lillies Dec. 8th
Bronze Radio Return & The Wheeler Brothers Dec. 15th
Lloyd Cole Dec. 16th
Paul Reed Smith Masters Class & Band show Jan. 6th
Soul Serenaders Jan. 20th
Company of Thieves Feb. 2
Celtic Crossroads March 3
Go to our site and click through to the showlinks, do a little readin and you’ll find rock, blues, bluegrass, Irish step dancing, r&b and songwriters that put words to music that will melt your heart ! It’s all waiting here for you, come on in and prepare to open your mind & expand your musical menu !

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