Vote No Question 7

We try not to get involved in politics. As a business, it can be a risky thing to do and we recognize that. But, sometimes the risk is greater when you say nothing at all – this is one of those times.

As an independently, locally owned company we believe that passing the gaming expansion referendum may have significant impact on our day-to-day business in the live music world. We urge you to Vote No on Question 7.


Bill & Paula Muehlhauser
Kyle Muehlhauser
Erin McNaboe


For more information, visit:
Vote Against Question 7 Website

Baltimore Sun:  Vote No
Annapolis & Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce:  Vote No

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3 Responses to Vote No Question 7

  1. November 5th, 2012
    DudeDad says:

    Saying “may have significant impact on our day-to-day business” without explaining why is not a compelling argument for undecided voters. Can you explain how table games may affect your ticket business? You say it “may”…but it may not.

  2. November 5th, 2012
    Frank says:

    Great job putting an ad for Maryland Live! Casino on the the same page as your statement of concern for the live music world. Oh no, if I vote yes for question 7, there is going to be less live music in MD. Give me a break. This has nothing to do with live music. It’s about keeping more of the gaming profits in your pockets. I was undecided before I read this statement. Thanks for helping me make my decision to vote Yes. In the future, keep your greedy mits out of the political forum.

  3. November 6th, 2012
    pete says:

    How? Why will it impact your live music business?