Dominion Brewing Makes An Appearance During Election Season

We couldn’t be more excited when we saw Dominion Brewing‘s Root Beer make an appearance for our favorite political party… the Cocktail Party.

Okay, so the Cocktail Party isn’t really a political party but sometimes we’d like to think so.

Here at Rams Head we embrace political differences because that’s what keeps things interesting. We all have our differences, occasionally we even fight over which is a better beer, Copperhead Ale or Oak Barrel Stout (it’s usually a toss up since we love them both).

Old Dominion’s Root Beer showed up on People Magazine’s website,, recently in an article for cocktail recipes for the nation’s two presidential candidates.

Here’s what they put together for the “Romney Float”:
• 6.5 oz. root beer (recipes recommends Old Dominion root beer)
• fresh whipped cream
• homemade caramel drizzle (recipe below)
• coarse kosher salt
• 1.25 oz. organic root liquor (optional)
Pour the root beer over ice in a highball glass. Combine with the liquor and stir (optional). Top with a dollop of freshly whipped heavy cream. Drizzle the homemade caramel on top. Sprinkle coarse salt over the caramel drizzle.

Courtesy Moshe Zusman

You can see the other recipes for “Obama’s Home Sweet Home” and the “Balanced Budget” here

After visiting the polls tomorrow, don’t forget to wear your “I Voted” sticker and  stop by Rams Head. Your first domestic draft is only $1! Talk about exercising your right to vote and the pursuit of happiness!


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