“Life Is Good” for Nas at Rams Head Live Monday

Nas, undeniably one of the greatest of all time, returns to Rams Head Live Monday behind his latest album, Life Is Good. The reviews of Life Is Good continue the long line of great Nas albums, and critics from across the internet have suggested that this may be the New York rapper’s strongest work in years. The album is inspired by fatherhood and the iconic rapper’s difficult divorce from R&B singer Kelis. (The story goes that the green wedding dress Nas is holding on the album’s cover is the only thing Kelis left in the house after the split.)  Here are excerpts from various different reviews with links to the full review below them.

“At this juncture—21 years and 10 solo albums in—no other MC has ever rhymed at such a high level this deep into their career. Not Rakim. Not Kool G Rap. Not Slick Rick. Not Big Daddy Kane. Not LL Cool J. No One.” – XXL

“The recent controversies in the icon’s life seem to have brought out in him a mix of the philosophical, the nostalgic and the inspired. Nas’ new lyrics feature some of the densest, smartest rhymes in a career full of them. It also entwines politics, personal experience and even flashes of humor (something he’s hardly known for) into the star’s most encompassing verbal flourish since his masterpiece, “Illmatic.” Better, it reflects his age now as cogently as his classic did then.”

New York Daily News

“Songs like “Daughters,” where he raps about his own real-life parenting struggles with his teenage daughter or “Bye Baby,” where he addresses the breakdown of his marriage and his subsequent bleeding heart, show a touching self-awareness.” – Huffington Post

“His words alone keep us glued.” – Rolling Stone

“Instead of shying away or avoiding certain circumstances, Nas turns his roller-coaster time period into stories of internal and external battles, some of which he won and some he lost. Producers such as No ID, Salaam Remi and Justice L.E.A.G.U.E. contribute soundscapes that bring Nas’ stories to life, infusing influences from the past and present states of hip-hop.”

Billboard (track by track review)

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