The Best ‘Staches Coming To Rams Head On Stage

Love ’em or hate ’em Mustaches just never quite go away. Especially since it’s November already, and Movember is happening (here’s the Wiki article to get you up to speed). Pretty quickly all the menfolk here in the offices started debating the old, “Can I pull of the Selleck for a month?” Which got me thinking. There are some pretty iconic mustaches coming to Rams Head On Stage and really, and I’ve got the gallery to prove it.

See what I mean?
1. Michael Franks sporting a classic Chevron. (Get tickets to the 11/17 shows here)
2. As lovely as his wife, Marilyn McCoo is, it’s really Billy Davis Jr.’s lip that caught our eye here. (Get tickets to the 2/6 shows here)
3. Tom Rush is pretty close to a perfect Selleck. (Get tickets to the 11/16 show here)
4. I have to admit, sometime I get lost in the glory of Terry Clark’s curly locks/moustache combo. (Get tickets to Carbon Leaf’s two Christmas shows on 12/18 here)
5. Ahh Coco Montoya. We usually mock goatees and exclude them from the ‘stach categories, but you my friend have rocked it. (Get tickets to the Coco Montoya & John Hammond show on 11/26 here)
6. Does it get more classic than Leon Redbone? I don’t think so. Nope. Not unless you’re Salvador Dali. (Get tickets to the 3/9 show here)
7. 8. & 9. Grand prize goes to 2/3rds of The Oak Ridge Boys with extra points for grooming. (Get tickets to the 3/8 show here)

Gentlemen, it’s time. Let’s see what you’ve got.

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