Phil Vassar: A Must See Entertainer

Yes, I grew up in the south – Alabama and Kentucky, ya’ll!
Yes, I do enjoy Country music.
But the reasons that I enjoy love Phil Vassar have nothing with country or the south.

The hands down best part about a Phil Vassar concert is that my cheeks hurt when it’s over – that man is a stitch!   I laugh.  I cry.  And I smile a hell of a lot.  It’s one of those upbeat, escapes from the stress of life kind of concerts.  The kind of show that puts an extra skip in your step and some joy in your heart – can’t we all use a little of that?

Now before you start to think that a Phil Vassar show is a Hallmark commercial, it’s not.  It’s a tequila shooting, beer drinking kind of night with a side of Phil’s humor.  Phil Vassar dances on his piano.  He takes song suggestions from the crowd – not just his own songs, any one’s songs.  You request it, he’ll play it.    He tells ridiculous stories.  He tells heartfelt stories.  I’m not sure how many Red Bulls he drinks before the show, but he does entertain like the Energizer bunny.  He is truly a must see, especially in the Rams Head On Stage environment.

You don’t need to know any of Phil Vassar’s songs to enjoy a concert with him.  But, my bet is that you know plenty of his songs.  Before he started touring himself, he debuted as a song-writer, with hits for several country artists, including Tim McGraw (“For a Little While”, “My Next Thirty Years”), Jo Dee Messina (“Bye, Bye”, “I’m Alright”), Collin Raye (“Little Red Rodeo”), and Alan Jackson (“Right on the Money”).  And in 1999, he was named by American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers as Country Songwriter of the Year.

With Phil Vassar, 2007

Plus, Phil (yes, we’re on a first name basis) loves Annapolis.  When he was in town last October, he filmed this video which includes time at Middleton Tavern and the Naval Academy and talks about how much he loves this town.  Who knew that he used to run track as a high school kid at the Naval Academy?  (To watch the video, click here.)

But amidst the laughter and the jokes and the love of Annapolis, Phil sings songs of heartfelt messages about love and life and family.  About being present in the moment.  About appreciating life. About laughing hard.  About celebrating the little things.  And in the end, isn’t that all that really matters?

– Erin

Phil Vassar
Rams Head On Stage | Annapolis, MD
Wednesday, October 24th
To Buy Tickets, Click here.

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