New Music Tuesday — but why?

As much as I love heading to happy hour after work on Fridays, college football Saturday afternoons and the NFL on Sundays, new music Tuesdays truly make me happiest!

But why Tuesday? It seems like an odd choice right? Yet, since I was a 13-year-old eagerly kicking the back of the school bus seat until I could jump out and beg my parents to take me to the local record store (yup…those used to exist), all of the artists, labels and — well, wherever they sell music these days– have agreed to make our newest obsessions available on Tuesdays.

About a year ago, it seems NPR was wondering the same thing. According to this article, the best two explanation are:

1.) Billboard magazine. The charts by which the industry measures the success of a new release are published in Billboard every Wednesday. That means if Green Day or Adele releases a new album on Tuesday, it has a full seven days of sales that count toward their week 1 chart ranking. By the way, I think we all know who would win in that sales race.

2.) Shipping needs of traditional “brick and mortar” stores, which are set up to ship over the weekend and re-stock on Mondays.

The need for the latter has obviously gone the way of the Discman, so it seems Billboard and tradition are now the likely culprits for keeping new music releases on Tuesdays as sales continue to shift to digital stores and subscription services.

A few new record releases of note this week:

All Time Low, who calls Baltimore home, and will play a SOLD OUT hometown  show at Rams Head Live on Nov. 23,  release their new album “Don’t Panic.”

Ellie Goulding, responsible for the insanely infectious mega-hit “Lights,” finally releases her new album “Halcyon.” I’d love to see her at Rams Head Live sometime in 2013. Who’s with me?

Rams Head Live alumni and metal-geek storytellers Coheed & Cambria release “The Afterman: Ascension,” the latest chapter in the band’s ongoing saga in whatever fantasy graphic novel inspired story they are currently telling.


Kiss – “Monster”
Mellowhype (members of Odd Future, who just performed at Rams Head Live in September) – “Numbers”
The Script – “#3”
The Wallflowers – “Glad All Over”

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