Rams Head is Gettin’ Spooky for Halloween!

Halloween is one of our favorite times of year especially because we get to throw some awesome parties.

We get to dress like complete fools, trick or treat (yes, we still do this!), and get to drink shots called ‘Black Death’ and ‘Bloody Brain’ and be totally content!


Rams Head Roadhouse – October 31st
$4 Pumpkin shot – Pumpkin pie vodka shot
$4 Reese’s Pleasies – Martini with Chocolate vodka and hazelnut liqueur with crushed Reese’s Pieces
$5 Zombie Bite – Shot shaken white Sambuca with Razzmatazz dripped in.
$4 Harvest Ale drafts.

Rams Head Shore House  – October 27th
$5 Ghost Bombs (Cherry/Grape bombs)
$4 Witches Brew (Vodka based)
$3 Smashing Pumpkins (orange Jello shooters)

Rams Head Tavern Savage Mill – October 27th
$3 Black Death Shot
$3 Bloody Brain Shot
$3 Dark and Stormy
$3 All Dark Beer Drafts

Rams Head Tavern Annapolis  – October 31st
Costume Contest for Best Overall, Scariest, Sexiest, and Best Couple!
$2.00 Natty Bohs
$4.00 Capt Morgan Black Scary Storms
$4.00 Spooky Shots


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