Wedding Season Is Upon Us

This weekend is the filling in a wedding sandwich for the Rams Head Family. Last weekend, our beloved Rams Head On Stage manager got himself married off to our equally beloved Rams Head Tavern bartender. Not that I’ve been stalking them on Facebook, but they looked superbly happy heading off on their honeymoon. Then you’ve got a double-header this weekend with the Rams Head On Stage Sound Engineer/guitar wielding half of Swampcandy (we’re a little sad he shaved those mutton chops… they made Tuesday nights at the tavern so old-timey) is marrying the photographer of his dreams, and we’re hoping there will be some serious serenading happening. Oh and then on top of that, our restaurant marketing director, Royal is getting hitched too! We may or may not have started singing “Chapel Of Love” as she walked out the door to finish folding the programs before the ceremony. So to honor all this happy-sappiness, we’ve pulled together a playlist of the first wedding songs we could think of (leaving of one or two of the super-annoying ones). So there you have it, the soundtrack of our day. Congratulations Zach and Teisha, Ruben and Alison, Royal and Danny!

People Gettin Married Spotify Playlis

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