Rams Head Celebrates all the Moms

As a relatively new Mom myself, the Mother’s Day holiday has taken on an entirely new form of celebration. Not only do I get to celebrate the wonderful Mom in my own life and remember my Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers as well; but I get to celebrate the joy that I have been given in becoming a Mom myself! I have been blessed with wonderful generations of Mom’s to show me the path of leadership, of stepping outside of the boundaries and a focus on the importance of nature and enjoying the dirt, sun & natural beauty of this Earth; those gifts I now work hard to ensure that I instill them in my own children.

My Mom and I. Circa mid-2000’s

That history, which includes literally getting your hands dirty in the dirt, is part of why I so enjoy our Mother’s Day promotion:

In 2006 (or ’07 – the years start to blur together) we created the “LET LOVE BLOOM” Mother’s Day promotion. In our endeavors to create a new program, I found myself scouring the aisle at Homestead Gardens to purchase seed packets for the Mom’s. I think some Mom’s may have received packets for Corn or Tomatoes that year – my procrastination did not leave me much room for being picky.

But those of you who have stuck with us over the years, know that we have bloomed our promotion to include some beautifully designed custom seed packets in true appreciate of the Mom’s in our world. We try and pick a perennial each year so that Mom can enjoy the celebration of her day, year after year. This year we have chosen the bright and colorful Zinnia.

Just in case digging in the dirt is not your Mom’s cup of tea – fear not! Each Mom also gets to enjoy a Mimosa on the house. We hope that the little bubbly helps Mom to kick back and enjoy her day!! And we certainly know that Mom enjoys taking the day off from cooking, so we think between us doing the cooking + the mimosa + the seed packets, that you just need to add the LOVE and TIME to share with her.

Thanks to all those Moms, Step Moms, Moms-in-Law, Like a Mom’s for all that you do. We appreciate you!!

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