Wisteria Vine… Oldest in Anne Arundel County?

It is rumored to be true that Rams Head Tavern Annapolis is home to the oldest wisteria vine in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.   I wish I had that documented, stamped and signed so that I could really go to town on that claim and maybe get in on some horticulture tour in Annapolis, or listed in 1,000 Things to See Before You Die, or have it be part of our tagline… Food Fun & Wisteria.   But, for now… it’s just an undocumented rumor.wisteria7

Regardless of documentation, these gorgeous wisteria blooms have cast great purple haze over thinkers in town… inspiring beers of Fordham past (R.I.P. Wisteria Wheat.  You will never be forgotten) and exciting writers to dream of lazy afternoons;

Sitting on the back patio under the enormous wisteria vine on a sunny afternoon is the way to properly enjoy these brews.  -Eric Brace, Washington Post

For us, the arrival of the bloom is a highlight to the spring season, marking the kick-off to warmer weather, happy hours highlighted by the sunset, longer days full of sunlight, and the arrival of a favorite Annapolis past-time: live outdoor music on the patio.

Friday, May 1st marks the arrival of our summer music calendar which includes all the local favorites… The Geckos , Dean Rosenthal, Matt McConville just to name a few.  If you haven’t spent an evening on the patio, at rams head, listening to these guys while drinking a Fordham brew, well… you just can’t call yourself an Annapolitan.  It’s a rite of passage, an Annapolis must.

So, if you’ve been waiting for your official invitation to come and see us on the patio…  it just arrived…  purple and sweet as they come, and full of hosptitality.

Rams Head Tavern Annapolis Summer Music Calendar
Sundays, 11am: Jazz Brunch on the Patio
Sundays, 7pm: The Geckos
Mondays, 6pm: Matt McConville
Tuesday, 6pm: Dean Rosenthal
Wednesday, 6pm:  John Pyle or Kajun Kelley (alternating weeks)
Thursday, 6pm:  Shayne Hudson or Pressing Strings (alternating weeks)
And inside at downbar, don’t miss our resident artist, the famous Mike McHenry Tribe,who just joined the cyber world and got a website.  We love ya Mike… and so does national recording band, Fastball.  Check out all the hype at 10pm on Mondays.
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