Ram’s Head Live: A “Nation” In Waiting?

Those faithful to this blog are probably not familiar to blips, beeps or other sounds in their music.  Although steady and very slow those blips and beeps are all around us and will pervade popular music slowly but surely.  See generally:

The truth of the matter is the blips and beeps and assorted sounds are about to invade your local, favorite rock venue as well.  My job, if I do it correctly, is to reassure you nothing is going wrong and if you learn to stop worrying and love the blips and beeps everything will be fine.

Of course the blips and bleeps are electronic music and of course your favorite rock venue is Rams Head Live. How these two combine famously is the purpose of this post and, with a bit of vision, this blog’s and venue’s faithful will realize how well the two can fit. After all, electronified music’s been around well before Rams Head and arguably even Rock and Roll.  See also:

Let’s spend another minute on some history.  Nation, formerly the mid atlantic’s most prominent electronic music venue, featured a legendary Friday Night Party so popular youth from all over the Eastern Seaboard traveled without any knowledge of the performers or even if entrance was feasible.  The venue featured one main room, same as Rams Head Live, two tiers of balcony space, same as Rams Head Live, a VIP lounge with the real cushy seats, same as Rams Head Live, and an elevated DJ booth, again same as Rams Head Live.  If Nation primary flaw it was its sound which tended to rattle around the mostly cinder block walls adorning the dance floor.  Nation’s other major drawback was its location well off the Metro Line and in DC’s warehouse district.

The seedy atmosphere often became part of the draw to the electronic music crowd when Nation was popular.  But you read this blog for the music and if you got to this sentence you are at least curious about electronic music in some small way.  More importantly, you subscribe to the fact that Rams Head delivers the best music in town and would not let you down on providing the blips and beeps.  That said, Rams Head Live offers much better sound in its venue and a far safer venue (you could throw a glow stick on Police Headquarters from the door).  So in fact the experience Rams Head will provide is going to be superior to Nation while giving that atmosphere of the large vacuous club many remembered from their youth or want to experience for the first time.

So in sum Rams Head is introducing electronic music at a pace of one act per month; just enough to allow palatable digestion.  Next month’s act, the Crystal Method (american for Chemical Brothers), are a perfect appetizer for the electronic music meal.  Their dj sets invariably include popular groups like Radiohead and Animal Collective mixed with their head twisting effects and massive amount of energy.  The result is one of the most entertaining and enduring  electronic acts having sustained popularity for more than fifteen years.  Their big room sound caters perfectly to the venue and will be an experience not to be missed.

Beep Bup Bop Bop Bope Boop eternally,

DJ Associate, Guest Blogger

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