An Almost “Official” Company Holiday

So, you may have noticed that we’re open 365 days a year at ye’ ole Rams Head. That’s right… no time off for Christmas, or Easter or any of those other “official” holidays… we’re here for you nearly 24/7… 365 days per year for your drinking pleasure.  But there is one day, that is getting us close to shutting down business for our drinking pleasure… that’s right, springtime’s finest… Opening Day!
Our Accounting Heros, Christina & JohnOur Accounting Heros, Christina & John

I think the enthusiasm must have something to do with the fact that there is unending amounts of beer, combined with complete chaos and the first days of spring.  I must highlight the fact that this is day is one of those few days out that we’re not responsible for the ordering of the food & beverages, counting the money, booking the act, staffing the event or marketing the show – can I getta WHOOP, WHOOP!

Oh yeah, and those O’s ain’t too shabby hon – they know how to throw a party & we love to attend.

This year’s celebration culminated in even finer form, with the addition of our brotherly love pouring it’s, soothing, refreshing and taste quenching drafts.  That’s right, Fordham Brewing is on draft at Camden Yards!

Annapolis Tavern Manager (Angela) & Box Office Manager (Nicole)Annapolis Tavern Manager (Angela) & Box Office Manager (Nicole)




Fordham’s tasty suds can be found at  four easy locations for you to enjoy… it’s almost like a bar crawl in & of itself…

1. Eutaw Street

2. Lower Level Section 24

3. Lower Level Section 74

4. Upper Deck Between Section 342 and 344

hey; that's me! with other o's lovers & a fordham decendant herself. go o's!hey; that’s me! with other o’s lovers & a fordham decendant herself. go o’s!

So, the next time that you hit up the O’s game.  We might just be standing next to you in line for that tasty Fordham… we too like to take a break from life’s hustle & bustle and enjoy what springtime is all about… BASEBALL & BEER.

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