Tweet This.

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Just a month ago we had no idea what a “tweet” was. Never knew the frustration of the “fail whale”. Thought a “twhirl” was nothing more than our favorite summer soft-serve. To think, when we first opened our doors in 1989 all communication was passed across the bar. All socializing was done within our walls, face to face.

The world has certainly changed since 1989. When Bill Muehlhauser had a thick Tom Sellick-esque mustache and was selling sandwiches and drafts out of the Annapolis Downbar, I’m sure he would’ve loved to “tweet” about Annapolis’ best Happy Hour bargain. Surely, the perfectly permed Paula would’ve loved to send a personalized “direct message” to each of her favorite fannypack-wearing patrons.

But it is now, on the dawn of neon’s revival, with ever-thinning iPods and expanding “tweet decks” that we have the opportunity to keep you in the know.

Did you miss The Hold Steady when their Rams Head Live show was featured on David Letterman? Check out the YouTube clip on our myspace page.

Did you have your picture taken with President Barack Obama at the InRNRgural celebration at Rams Head On Stage? Tag yourself in our photos and add it to your Facebook page.

Curious about tonight’s specials or what band is tearin’ it up at the Roadhouse for late night? Follow us on twitter and we’ll keep you posted daily on menu changes, drink specials, and upcoming events.

We understand, it can all be a little overwhelming and none of us are immediately accepting of change. But at some point, someone suggested that you toss out the acid wash jean jacket with bedazzled cuffs and suede fringe.

We just want to keep you on the up and up. And the beauty of these sites is that you can communicate with us right back – friends lookin’ out for friends. And at the end of the day, we’re still right here: behind the bar with a beer, poised for dirty jokes and complaints about your boss or mother-in-law.

Until then, we’ll see you in the twittersphere.

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