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…hey everybody Merry Christmas! I saw B Magazine’s list of the top unsigned artist album’s this week, and was excited to see both Caleb Stine and Ellen Cherry on the list. We like them too, and in fact, they are going to be part of a special showcase at the club January 3rd. We know a lot of you will be out of town, but we figure it will be the perfect thing for those of you sticking around to do: it’s only $10, and its great music. I have done several shows with both these acts and they never fail to disappoint. Make sure you check them out! Alright…my local radio station at home is playing nothing but Christmas music and I am really enjoying it. Here is my new playlist of my ten favorite Christmas songs, as of today anyway.

1) Mr. Heatmiser – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

I love this song, and I love these characters. Just saw them again on one of the countless clay-mation Santa movies, and i think they are hilarious. BBVD makes it swing.

2) Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – Chris Issak

Speaking of swinging, Issak hits it out of the park (sorry, I couldn’t resist) on his rendition of this classic. Fun and upbeat.

3) Santa Will Find You – Mindy Smith

More of a ballad than the previous two, but Smith’s voice shines here. Beautiful song; one of the few that I think could be a “new classic.” Should be in a Disney movie.

4) I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas -NO IDEA

…and I’m too sick to Google it. But I love this song too. Maybe its just the fact that my 20 month old has latched onto it, but its everything Christmas songs should be; innocent, fun, goofy, etc. My favorite line: “my mommy tells me/the hippo will eat me up and then/my teacher tells me/ hippos are vegetarian.” Aw, they don’t make em like they used to.

5) Frosty the Snowman – Jimmy Durante

Speaking of classics…I love this one. I think its Durante’s devil-may-care intro (that sounds like your drunk uncle gogged out on egg nog) that sets this apart. It is THE only version of the song for me, and one of my pet peeves is when a hot female singer-of-the-day tries to make it too pretty. Give me drunk Uncle Jimmy any day.

6) Little Drummer Boy – Blind Boys of Alabama

OK…this is just the coolest Christmas song by far anyway right? I mean, if you were a fifth grade boy and the teacher made you pick one Christmas song you liked this would be the one you’d pick. Throw in the Blind Boys of Alabama doing this, and it becomes almost a blaxploitation theme song – check the way they sing “when we come.” Issac Hayes is definitely proud from his new place on high.

7) Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt

Again, I am not at all indicating this is a “best” Christmas songs list. I don’t like lists, and I don’t claim to even begin to know how to rank Christmas music. This is, however, the sexiest Christmas song there is. What a vocal performance from Kitt, who I know was a force majeure in her day, even though I only know her as Catwoman. Love the way she keeps upping the ante on what she wants from Santa. (I told you, long commutes with nothing but Christmas music, plus a couple sick days at home thrown in) Marilyn Monroe eat your heart out.

8)  Christmas Time is Here – Vince Guraldi?

From Charlie Brown’s Christmas special – every year, well-intentioned kids who are genuinely excited about Christmas butcher this song in school Christmas concerts. Its painful, but they take it so seriously you can’t help but smile. The enthusiasm is infectious.

9) Adam Sandler 0 The Hanukkah Song

I know – its not cool to think Adam Sandler is funny anymore, but this song is still funny. Hearing it again recently made me remember fondly that there was a time when Sandler was funny; kinda like seeing the Color of Money and remembering that there was a time when Tom Cruise was cool.

10) Carol of the Bells – The Trans-Siberian Orchestra

I have never heard this song. But Sarah the intern like it, and that’s enough for us.

Thats enough for now….in all seriousness, have an incredible holiday season, and be safe.

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