Legwarmers 101

To make sure everyone is prepared for “The Legwarmers” we at Rams Head have put together a little checklist…..

  • Obviously…Legwarmers.  Available in any color imaginable.

  • Big hair….achieved with large quantities of Aquanet and teasing. For an extra kick you can even throw in a side pony tail and some crimping.


  • Anything Denim although acid washed is  your best bet

  • NEON! NEON! NEON! NEON!…….Need I say more?


  • Other 80′s possibilities include: sweat bands, track short(anything that  makes you looks like you should be doing aerobics ), bright make-up, fishnets, your favorite 80′s Tee (Back To The Future, Ghostbusters), tons of jewelry….ect. The possibilities are endless!
  • You might also want to go home and practice singing into inanimate objects such as cell phones, cameras and beer bottles.

The Legwarmers
Saturday, December 20, 2008, 10:00 pm EST at  Rams Head Live!

See you there!

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