Sooooo Stoked About Scott

exerpt from SPIN Magazine’s digital December issue.

The 90′s for me may have been full of teen angst, but there is no arguing that they were also full of Rock and Roll rebels. The decade’s early music scene was led by frontmen who designed and commanded a new frontier. A land of ambiguous lyrics and thrashing guitars – where middle fingers where always pointed at “the man” – where a young non-conformist like myself could find understanding and solace – away from the cruel, cruel world of pep-rallies and high school dances.

Okay perhaps that is a little melodramatic, but so were my teen years – weren’t yours?

My walls definitely weren’t plastered with Tiger Beat images of Mark-Paul Gosselaar. My heroes, and my heart-throbs, were those governors of “grunge”: Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, Layne Staley, and of course Scott Weiland.

So it is in my late twenties that I again don my purple velvet Doc Marten’s, in preparation for the Scott Weiland show at Rams Head LIVE (Jan. 27). Touring in support of his most recent solo work and back together with Stone Temple Pilots, Scott was featured in December’s issue of SPIN magazine. Inside, he confronts questions about bands, drugs, family, old age, and whether or not Velvet Revolver will see a second circuit. To read the full article, simply click on the above picture.

Oh, Scott. To see you in all your androgyny, slouched and writhing around your mic stand. As skinny as Iggy and as effeminate as Bowie. Through two decades you’ve maintained your curious coolness and come to Baltimore – as sexy as ever.

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