Thanksgiving: 10 Things of Thanks

I woke up this morning thinking about all of the things to be thankful this holiday.  In the midst of an economy downturn, it’s easy to become wrapped up in the doom & gloom the media fills our heads with… but, aren’t there so many reasons to find THANKS all around us?

Today, you get my Top 10 Rams Head List of Thanks… which personally and professionally makes me THANKFUL.

1.   Beer Dinner.  I’m so excited that there are only 2 spots left for the Beer Dinner in Annapolis on 12/9.  We had stopped doing these programs for awhile, and I was nervous as to how they would be received in the market.  The numbers prove me wrong & I look forward to more of these beer focused events in the future.  I am thankful that the market sold the event and didn’t mean more marketing for me!

2.  World Beer Club.  We have been running a JOIN FOR FREE program all month and 1000 beer lovers have joined in the pursuit of worldy beer knowledge!  This is one of our backbones to the Rams Head; we have over 100 different bottles of beer in house.   It’snot too late to get signed up before this FREEBIE disappears.  I am thankful that we have 1000 new friends and that this program still rocks.

3.  New On Hold Music.   In case your a regular phone patron at the Rams Head, you probably are tired of our On Hold Music, circa 2000.  Well, new and improved tunes arrived in the mail today and are coming to a Rams Head phone system near you.  I am thankful that I don’t have to listen to the outdated message any longer!

4.  Rams Head Owners, Management, Staff & Customers.  You couldn’t ask for a more stand up group; we’re surrounded with wonderful salt of the Earth people.  I won’t go on & on here, but after nearly a decade with the Rams Head, I am thankful for all 380 members of our working family and the thousands of Rams Head customers who make us who we are.

5.  Food, Fun & Beer.   What couldn’t be better than having that as your daily motto!   I am thankful for all of the events our locations have brought us this past year… hundreds of concerts, Kegs n’ Eggs, St. Patricks day, Beer Releases, Lobster giveaways… you name it and we’re having fun doing it.  I am thankful that I have a job where my role is to help create fun.

6.  The Rams Head Courier. Over my seven year tenure, I have stuffed my car with more ridiculous Rams Head stuff; the day that I buckled a keg into the front seat was the pinnacle moment.  It’s not glamourous.  It’s got “love taps” all over the bumper (don’t park near me on Dean Street), but it’s carried a crap-ton of Rams Head stuff all over the state.  I’m thankful that my car starts every time, my seat is comfy and that the CD player and air-conditioning work… for all my trips to the Rams Heads, Kinkos, Staples, Frame Stores, Best Buy, City Council Meetings, Association Meetings and all the randomness in between.

7.   Rams Head Celebrity Sightings.  We get a ton of “celebrities” who grace our presence with their newfound musical and songwriting talents.  Rams Head On Stagegets a ton of them thru the door… Minnie Driver, John Corbett, Kevin Bacon, Kevin Costner, Billy Bob Thorton, Jada Pinkett Smith just to name a few.  When I lived in California, I was always dying to see a celebrity and never did.  I am thankful that I am now “cool” & over the need to go ga-ga over these celebrity sightings.*  

*I am however reserving the right to go nutso if we ever book Keith Urban, and welcome you to do the same for any artist of your choice!

8.  Dopplebock in Bottles.   Fordham Dopplebock returns to the Rams Head on 12/4… and , it’s available in BOTTLES!   Don’t miss our Holiday Extravaganza on 12/4 at the Rams Head restaurant locations, complete with the release of Dopplebock.  In case you haven’t sipped on this sweet indulgence, there is only one place to be on 12/4.  I am thankful that Doppelbock is now in bottles, giving new meaning to the term, “But, I only had one beer.” 

9. Rams Head dressed for the Holidays.   Everything seems easier when the holiday music and decor surrounds us.  The poinsettias, wreaths and garland have arrived!  I’m thankful (to Paula!) for dressing the Rams Head for the holidays this season!

10.  For this List.   I am thankful that today I took the time to slow down and enjoy all the fun that surrounds my job here at the Rams Head!  I even got through the list without swearing, which should really be #11 on my thanks list .  I hope that you take the time to write your list of thanks as well.

From our Rams Head family to yours, we wish you a holiday filled with THANKS!

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