TOP 10 REASONS to dress like a mummy for Halloween

October 31, 2008 by

Reason #10: Go green. Be earth conscious in your costume selection by using one-ply, 100% biodegradable toilet paper.

Reason #09: The economy sucks – but the holidays don’t have to! Depending on your height and weight this costume is still gentle on the wallet at $2 – $10 total!

Reason #08: After you’ve treated yourself to  an evening of devilish debauchery, continue into the evening by taking part in the American tradition of toilet papering your neighbors! (refer to reason #10: still biodegradable)

Reason #07: If you’re suffering from embarassing dry, flaky skin around your temples and T-zone, wrap a strand or five right around your forehead and nose and no one will be the wiser.

Reason #06: Ragweed is running rampid this year – a nose in need, deserves a mummy in deed! Spare a square for friends with itchy noses and watery eyes.

Reason #05: Everyone trusts Mummys. Can you say the same for Vampires or French Maids? I think we all know the answer there.

Reason #4: (See above)

Reason #03: It’s quick – it’s easy – and we all know how important this is on a Friday night… when you’ve got to rush home from work, shed thefriday business-casual dockers and polo, transform yourself into a haunting ghoul, and get to the bars in time to enter the costume contests and enjoy the Witches Brew shooters and Bats Breath Beer specials!

Reason #02: And speaking of costume parties, this classic is ALWAYS a favorite! Don’t worry, that guy’s Joker costume is really spot-on, but there’s like, 8 other Jokers in the tavern so your that much closer to winning tickets to Rams Head LIVE!

Reason #01: The MUMMIES ONLY invite to dance on stage with ‘Never Never’ at Rams Head LIVE! Only those wrapped in bandages will be invited to lurch and moan along with the rock stars in this ultimate tribute to the ultimate costume! The boys are still trying to decide which song to dedicate to all of you mummies out there: “Mummy Bloody Mummy”, or a new twist onDanzig’s “Mother/Mummy”….. got some suggestions?

Send them to the band at

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